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Periodic Table Poster | Pretty Nerdy Press

Periodic Table Poster

Modern Multiplication Facts Poster | Pretty Nerdy Press

Multiplication Facts Poster

Modern Division Facts Poster | Pretty Nerdy Press

Division Facts Poster

Modern Addition Facts Poster | Pretty Nerdy Press

Addition Facts Poster

Modern Subtraction Facts Poster | Pretty Nerdy Press

Subtraction Facts Poster

Blackboard Alphabet Poster | Pretty Nerdy Press

Blackboard Alphabet Poster

Encourage One Another Teal Poster | Pretty Nerdy Press

Encourage One Another Poster

Never Be Within Doors | Charlotte Mason Printable Poster | Pretty Nerdy Press

Never Be Within Doors Poster

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Encouragement for When You Don't Finish Your Curriculum for Homeschool Moms | Pretty Nerdy Press
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Everyday Life

Encouragement for When You Don’t Finish Your Curriculum

Did you finish all of your curriculum this year? I'm guessing you didn't. I didn't either. Guess what? The majority of us are leaving things undone. And it's ok! Plans are helpful, goals are great. It's wonderful to check things off lists and to move on to new things. Goals spur us on and encourage us to continue striving through the hard days. Yet we often feel like we failed our kids when we didn't complete everything...
Illustrated United States Map with Physical Features for Kids | Pretty Nerdy Press
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New Illustrated United States Map Poster (with Physical Features)

We have a beautiful new illustrated map design in the shop today! I love maps! Who doesn't? I think maps feed the imagination, giving us ideas & dreams about places we might want to visit someday. I designed this United States of America poster with elementary school children in mind. It includes the major physical features of our country, like mountain ranges, large rivers, deserts and plains, plus several well-known tourist destinations and national parks. I'm...
Skip Counting Art Print Poster | Pretty Nerdy Press
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Which Should I Choose?: Printed Paper Posters vs. Digital Files

In our shop, we offer both printed paper posters and digital files that you can send to the print shop yourself. Digital files are less expensive up front, so you may find that option more appealing. But don't let the initial price be your deciding factor! In many cases, getting the digital files printed costs you more time and money than buying the ready-made prints. So before you settle for the cheapest option, let me...