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Printable Reading Log & Goal-Setting Worksheets

Do you make a plan for your reading each year? I always read more books when I make a plan and track my reading goals.

I’ve been using Evernote to keep my reading lists organized, but I wanted the kids to get in the habit of tracking their books as well. I always love looking back to see what I’ve read throughout the year and I think they will be encouraged when they look back at their lists next year.

I designed a printable reading log and some planning worksheets that you can use for yourself or for your students! The reading log is for recording books as you finish reading them. There’s also a page to list books you are interested in reading next and a page to plan your monthly reading goals. Finally, there’s a page to write a more detailed overview of your book, including space for favorite quotes and other notes.

Printable Reading Log & Goal-Setting Worksheets | Pretty Nerdy Press

This is a 4-page PDF download with printable reading logs & other goal-setting worksheets.

I encourage you to write down books you read about or hear about from friends and make a plan to read a couple each month! You can also add ideas to your kids’ lists and let them set their own reading goals (aside from assigned school reading). Use the book overview page to have your students record more details about the books they finished so they can remember their favorite quotes and other takeaways. You can even use the reading log for reading challenges that track the number of pages read.

Print as many as you like for personal or classroom use. But please direct your friends back to this post if they would like to download their own!

Printable Reading Log & Goal-Setting Worksheets | Pretty Nerdy Press




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2 thoughts on “Printable Reading Log & Goal-Setting Worksheets

  1. Betsy says:

    I love the simplicity of these reading logs! So much fun. I’ll be printing some for all of my kids to enjoy throughout the year. Thanks!!

    1. Sara says:

      Thank you! That was exactly my hope when I designed them. I prefer simplicity and practicality to attention-getting graphics. 🙂

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